Men's Women's Practice Dance Sneaker Shoes Split Sole VFSN005EB Comfortable -Very Fine {Bundle of 5}

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1.:10 M US Women / 8.5 M US Men



  • Suede, synthetic
  • suede sole
  • You will RECEIVE the COMPLETE BUNDLE of FIVE (5) ITEMS of this listing - BUNDLE of DANCE SHOES, SHOE BRUSH, Exclusive Wholesale Gifts POUCH BAG [beware of copycat] to prevent brush scratches, carry-on SHOE BAG & DANCE SHOE FRESHENER to freshens your shoes. Check all of them upon receiving your order and notify us if incomplete.
  • WHAT THE PRO DANCERS WEAR: Lightweight pair of dancing shoes is a must for professional dancers. Imagine wearing the same type of shoes for your salsa, hip hop, latin, mambo, samba, merengue, bachata, lindy hop, swing, boogie-woogie, hustle, nghtclub 2 step, line, party, social dancing or dance lessons? Now you can.
  • BEAUTIFUL & AFFORDABLE: You will expect to pay more for this affordable modern, elegant, comfortable and stylish dance shoes, but because of the manufacturer's ingenuity, you don't have to. An awesome best gift or present for you, your love one or someone special. So comfortable that dancers, just like you, wear them for hour and hours of dancing.
  • FEATURES: Split sole, lightweight, made of synthetic mesh and suede upper, for dancing use only
  • SELECT SIZE in the drop down box, may order 1/2 size larger or street shoes size for snug fit (reference only; fitting not guaranteed); use of size chart above is not advisable; MEDIUM width ONLY, all others will not properly fit.

Product Description
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  • Date first listed on : October 0, 0

You will RECEIVE the COMPLETE BUNDLE of ITEMS of this listing - BUNDLE of DANCE SHOES, SHOE BRUSH, Exclusive Wholesale Gifts POUCH BAG [beware of copycat], carry-on SHOE BAG & DANCE SHOE FRESHENER.
Check all of them upon receiving your order and notify us if incomplete.
Just imagine wearing these shoes showing your moves for everyone to see. Won't that make you happy & proud? As you probably already know, finding a good fitting shoes is not easy. The shoes you find maybe either loose, tight or simply hard on your feet. You're search for a perfect dancing shoes is now over. These shoes made by Very Fine have you in mind when they manufacture it. It's comfortable, beautiful, stylish & comes in an affordable price.

With this order, you will receive this bundle:

Your dance shoes. It is so lightweight enabling you to move smoothly & freely. You can dance all day or night & be the STAR of the dancing floor!
Your shoe brush which protects your shoes from dirt. Dirt free shoes enables you to move smoothly & freely on the dance floor. The practice of brushing your shoes' outer sole with wire brush will keep it like new for a long time, thereby saving you money.
Your Exclusive Wholesale Gifts small pouch bag which protects you from wire brush scratches. You may receive your pouch bag in a separate shipment without additional charges.
Your shoe freshener which makes your pair of shoes smelling fresh & ready to wear anytime you wish.
Your carry-on string shoe bag which enables you to carry your shoes during practice, competition or performance.
You will pay more if you buy these items individually. So by simply ordering this bundle will save you money.
So ORDER your dance shoes bundle NOW & lets go dancing!

Gevette Ocasio
March 12, 2021
A big wider than expected but very comfortable to dance with. Suede on the bottom is very durable.
V. Howard
February 2, 2021
Sooo freaking comfortable. Great sole and heal. A few folk on my dance team got them on my recommendation and love them. Only downside is that the bungee laces are way too long, but I think they can be cut down. We'll see. If not they won't be too hard to replace.
January 19, 2021
The suede sole on one of the shoes looked like it had been burned and glued back together. The sizing guide says that 14 VFS is a 12.5 US Mens. The shoes that arrived are 14 VFS but are also 14 US Mens. They are HUGE. I returned these shoes for their poor quality soles and wrong size.
September 25, 2018
they are ok..
school counselor
September 23, 2017
My salsa class sometimes goes for 3 hours and with the heels it was painful. I wore them for the first time and I was very comfortable the whole night.
July 17, 2017
Use this for belly dance practice as I have foot pain. Works very well, but the ties come loose sometimes.
August 18, 2016
These shoes make dancing (Zumba) much easier! The are light weight and help me glide. They are stylish and black matches nearly everything I wear. I don't were my shoes for any other purpose other than to dance in them.
October 21, 2016
I bought these because I have ankle problems and heels aren't always an option for me. These work great! Just don't look that great but I don't really care, looks like normal shoes with jeans just not the best with a dress..